Love-A-Bull, Inc. - Rescue Request Form

Due to space limitations, we have listed the below traits describing ideal candidates for our foster/adoption program:

-Human Social
-Dog Social
-Cat Social
-Within 1 hour of Austin or full/partial transport available
-From high-risk shelter
-Submitters are able to provide video footage of dog interacting with other dogs, humans and cats


-We look at ALL submissions and determine each dog on an individual bases, weighing hardship and neglect cases accordingly. The more information and video footage we can review, the better.

Please fill out the information below.

Your Information:

Shelter Information:

Dog Information:

Please e-Mail videos containing dog interactions and people interactions to Thanks!
Thanks for taking the time to fill out this form and for your ongoing efforts to help rescued dogs. Please e-mail videos of the dog interacting with other dogs, interacting with a male human, and interacting with a female human to We will review all of the information and respond shortly.