Foster Application

Do you have a separate space to keep your foster as they will need to be kept separated from your other animal companions while in foster with you?

You understand that in certain cases exceptions can be made to let all pets meet, but MUST be approved by SCCWM BEFORE that may take place. Otherwise your foster MUST be kept separated.

Do you understand and agree that you will keep SCCWM apprised of any issues with your foster and reach out for guidance/help resolving any issues?

Do you understand that all medical care is to be provided or approved thru SCCWM or a preapproved vet acting on their behalf?

Do you understand that you MUST get approval to seek medical care, and that any vet visit not approved will not be reimbursed by SCCWM?

Do you agree to send once a month updates, including health, socialization, behavior, with pictures to the foster coordinator so that we can update our records for the foster?

I have read the foregoing and certify that the answers I have given are complete, true and not misleading in any way. I am authorizing you to contact landlords, associations and veterinarians.