Type: Dog
Sex: Male
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Age: 2 years
Color: Tan and White
Weight: 64 lb 4 oz

Introducing Benedict, a brawny canine with a heart as big as his size, weighing in at a solid 70lbs. After approximately 9 months in the shelter, this handsome guy is eager to find a forever home that understands the importance of building a strong bond over time.

Benedict's journey started as a stray, and he's looking for adopters who are patient and willing to invest time and effort into building a relationship as they navigate the adventure of living life together. Initially a calm fellow, the extended stay at the shelter has led to some destructive tendencies in his kennel, likely stemming from boredom. With a change of scenery and the right care, Benedict is ready to showcase his best self.

This brawny boy craves daily exercise to keep both his body and mind in tip-top shape. If you're up for the challenge of channeling his energy into positive outlets, Benedict will be forever grateful. Leash training is on the to-do list, and with your dedication, he's sure to become a well-mannered companion on walks.

Benedict is no slouch in the intelligence department. He's already mastered basic commands like sit, lay down, and shake, proving that he's not just brawn but brains too. If you're seeking a loyal and trainable companion who can be your exercise buddy and cuddle partner, look no further than Benedict. Open your heart and home to this brawny, smart, and affectionate canine, and together you can embark on a journey of companionship, learning, and love.

Friends of the Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter has graciously donated $400 towards professional training for Benedict.

I am available to go home with you today!

Benedict has been with us for 10 months.

Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter
5055 Hallowing Point Rd., Prince Frederick, MD 20678